airship chronicle 2021-2022 9th anniversary presentation

Welcome to the Airship Chronicle for 2021! This is the 9th anniversary of Airship and we’re excited to share our highlights from the past year!

9 years of team airship growth

We spent quite a bit of time in 2021 honing our vision, core values and putting in place the structure we believe will rocket us into the next level of growth. 

Choosing to take on EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) has been a force that has pulled the team together. EOS is a set of tools by which we make decisions as a team, review metrics, and choose what projects are critical to complete to live into our vision, core values, and goals.

Additionally, we restructured the crew of builders, navigators, and inspectors, into squads. Squads give us the ability to have a team of people share the knowledge on a project, which means our clients get the best possible solutions.

team airship vision and core values

Defining our vision and core values was a piece of work that has engaged and energized the crew. 

Our vision is to “create transformational change through remarkable experiences” with YOU, our client, and with each other.

Core values: team-focused, client-obsessed, growth-minded, humbly confident are values that we live into across all areas of the organization. These are not just external as we make decisions on our voice and brand but also used internally to hire, gauge success, and celebrate one another.

the best place to work in Birmingham AL 2021

It has been a banner year for us on the award circuit! We’re so grateful to be recognized as THE BEST PLACE TO WORK in Birmingham by the Birmingham Business Journal.

And, Trent Kocurek, our CEO, was named a finalist for the BBJ CEO awards and we’re ranked #9 on the Birmingham FastTrack30.

Adam Aldrich was listed in the Top 25 for UAB’s Excellence in Business. You can hear his story on the UAB podcast Green and Told here.

Trent Kocurek and Luke Richardson were once again named an Auburn University Top Tiger!

crew member growth stats

The crew keeps on growing and we’re excited to say that we now have 44 crew members in 15 states! Being remote-first gives us the opportunity to hire the best of the best across the country. 

And, we’re STILL hiring! Check out our available positions and apply for

project hour stats

Alright, so this is a fun slide we’ve logged around 50,000 hours of project work in 2021. A 415% increase since our first Chronicle in January of 2018.

team airship progress and growth

Those hours translate into an average growth rate of 45% over the past 5 years.

airship clients USA and Canada

Along with crew members scattered across the country, we’ve served clients in 21 states and Canada!

An interesting fact is that our ten-year goal is to have projects on all 7 continents, so if you know anyone in Antarctica we’d be grateful if you could send them our way.

airship collaborative partners - clients

Speaking of clients, we work with a wide variety of people, projects, and industries. Our focus is on human-facing innovative solutions. And, our target areas include construction, SaaS products, and nonprofit organizations.

airship industries served

It is amazing to look at all the industries we’ve served and are serving. From large construction and transportation/logistics to church ministries, medical, retail, and startup, our crew runs the gamut with their experience.

tech stack - react native ruby on rails and more

We have a solid tech stack that can support your organization's needs for custom web and mobile applications. Is what you are looking for not represented here? Let's we have a wide variety of skillsets.

One of the critical pieces of custom software is UX / Product Design. We strive to learn and then highlight our learning on social media and, in particular, Dribble. In 2021, we reached 16,500+ views. 

A piece of that was an augmented reality application that Trent Kocurek, CEO, did to learn more about virtual technology and to improve his golf game. You can read his blog post about GolfAr here.

airship social media journey

We want to be a resource for you whether you are a client or not. A place where you can come and learn more about custom software development. And, have a little fun too!

Follow along on our journey via social media. 

contact team airship for application development

We enter 2022 with a lot of gratitude for what we accomplished in 2021. And, we’re excited to serve you. 

Whether you’re already a client (thank you) or are searching for a collaborative partner to help you leverage technology to solve a problem - we want to listen, learn, and support you!

Reach out to us

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Start with: What problem are you trying to solve? 

One of the activities we work through revolves around refining your problem statement. A problem statement is the key business problem that needs to be solved. In software development, it states “what has to be done” for a project to succeed. It does not say, “how it has to be done.”

We use the 5W’s + 1 H format as well as the SMART Framework when establishing a problem statement. In fact, you can draft your own problem statement by using our free download. This download will get you thinking through some of the questions and answers prior to starting your project.

Download: Problem Statement
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