We’re getting closer to the end of 2017!! It’s been a wonderful year for Airship filled with new clients, challenging problems to solve, unique industries, new user categories, and more.

We asked our developers, navigators, & explorers to share some of their favorite software or app development highlights and projects we built this year.  Introducing the Airship 2017 highlight reel! Airship visiting Alabama Outdoors warehouse to see our Quality Control app in action!

1. Alabama Outdoors - Web App & React Native Mobile App

Project Type: We're thankful to have worked on two projects with Alabama Outdoors this year! Basecamp, a web app for employees and stores across various locations, and the Quality Control application that was special-built for a tablet using React Native. Adam Aldrich, President & Co-Founder: "We got to work on a lot of different projects with Alabama Outdoors. It's been a lot of fun helping them grow their E-Commerce platform and internal processes through technology. We overhauled their shipping process to process orders faster and at multiple locations. It was a lot of fun building a new app and redoing the backend and API to handle the changes." Mark Kozlowski, Journeyman Builder: "The Quality Control app for Alabama Outdoors was my all-time favorite project to be a part of. Brit and the AO team were super great to work with. The best part was watching all the pieces fit together and seeing it in action when we visited the warehouse. Knowing I got to be a part of a project that helped them solve a big problem was the best feeling." NEW! Read more about the Basecamp development project with Alabama Outdoors and our journey to create a communication web app for all store locations and all employees. Iron Tribe App Development for iOS and Android by Airship - one of our favorite projects of 2017!

2. Iron Tribe Fitness - iOS & Android Mobile App

Project Type: The Iron Tribe Fitness app is available for their members. The app had been built by two other vendors in the past, and we were tasked with rewriting, redesigning and relaunching the mobile app using React Native. Luke Richardson, Opportunity Explorer: "I get to use it every day as an athlete. I also know the hearts of the company's leadership and playing a role in helping them change lives is quite fulfilling." NEW! Client Journey with Iron Tribe Fitness now available! Read more about the project details, goals, and more. Airship's 10 Favorite Apps of 2017 - Wyndy

3. Wyndy - iOS & Android Mobile App

Project Type: Wyndy is a mobile app available for iOS and Android devices that allows parents and babysitters to quickly connect, schedule appointments, and process payments. Voyages Team: "I have been interested in learning to build apps for a while and it was great to get hands-on experience with a successful app." Great news! Wyndy is  expanding into more cities! Read more about their client journey with Airship here. Airship used Ruby on Rails to add new features and functionality to the AngelEye Camera Systems application

4. AngelEye Camera Systems - Cross-Platform Application

Project Type: Airship was tasked to use our expert-level skills in Ruby on Rails to add needed features and functionality for our client, AngelEye. AngelEye is an Internet-based camera system and application that uses live video streaming and direct, one-way audio to help parents and families connect with their babies in the NICU from their desktops, tablets or smartphones. Lindsay Hannon, Journeyman Builder: "AngelEye provides a beautiful service to parents with children in the NICU, and the project has included a wide variety of features that have been fun to implement." Danielle Morgan, Project Navigator: "The team at Angel Eye has been so fun and easy to work with! We've been able to make an impact on a very important application for new parents with babies in the NICU and that feels great to be a part of." AutoTec AuctionACCESS - One of Airship's Favorite Mobile App Development Projects in 2017!

5. AutoTec AuctionACCESS - iOS & Android Mobile App

Project Type:  Airship was tasked with improving the UI/UX mobile app design for the Autotec AuctionACCESS, the number one dealer credentialing system for the wholesale auto auction industry in North America. Our features and changes were built using React Native. Project Navigator Team: "They came to us very skeptical, and we have been able to give them an amazing app! It has been a blast to earn AutoTec's trust and to deliver a product that makes them say 'wow' during a demo! Their team has been incredible to work with as well."

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