Wyndy Founder/CEO Tommy Mayfield shares his experience with using Airship to develop his innovative babysitting app. Wyndy is now one of Birmingham's fastest-growing tech startups and has expanded to multiple new markets throughout the Southeast.
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Video Transcript

SPEAKER: Tommy Mayfield, CEO/Founder, Wyndy

Wyndy is a mobile app that makes it easy for parents to find, book, and pay pre-vetted, background checked college babysitters.

For all I knew, all apps had to be built in Silicon Valley. The work that Airship has done has sorta put us on the map. They built the first several versions of the app.

In March of 2017, we had zero users. Today, we are now in seven markets and continuing to grow and hiring new folks to our team.

And so all of that wouldn’t have been possible without the work of Airship.

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